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*How do I go about licensing existing cartoons?


Choose cartoons from the gallery page, copy the titles of each and email them to us with details of your intended use and distribution.

You will be given a price based on that intended use.

Once agreed, the full-sized jpeg files will be emailed to you or you will be given a download link.

Turnaround for orders can be just a day or two, less if your need is urgent.


*How do I go about ordering new cartoons?



From pencil concept to final cartoon art, file at any size required.

We can create new cartoons for you. This is the commission process.

1. Send details of your topic and intended use. We send you an estimate. Agree and continue.

2. Send any relevant details of your topic and useful reference material.

3. Cartoonist dons thinking cap, sends a choice of pencil concepts.

Select the ideas you like. Suggest any alterations.

4. Cartoonist draws and colours final cartoons.

5. Recieve finished cartoons as jpeg files.

6. Drop the cartoons into your powerpoint, website, blog, poster, book, app... whatever.

7. Bask in the warm glow of appreciative clients, colleagues and audiences.


*Do you have any more cartoons on this subject?


Many more cartoons still in development are stored off-line.

If you don't see the exact cartoon you want, please feel free to ask or suggest topics you would like, with no obligation.

New cartoons are added to catalogue as they roll off the drawing board.


*How much do you charge for use of cartoons?



There is a minimum fee for any professional use. 'Professional ' includes non-profit, educational, governmental, non-governmental sectors. Price is based on your intended use, number of cartoons required, size of audience and distribution.

Prices for existing cartoons chosen from the gallery pages start at US$50 per cartoon ( or equivalent in other currencies ) for a one-time presentation with a small audience or similar.

New cartoon commissions are charged at a higher rate than use of existing cartoons.

Use with intranets, staff training, public-facing social media or poster campaigns for longer periods of time, regional or world-wide distribution requires a more detailed and customised pricing, similar to that calculated by other online image banks. To get an idea of prices charged by photo and art services such as by Getty Images, try their price calculator here.

Send details of your intended use to the email address below and we will get back to you with a price that is very competitive. There are discounts for larger orders.

*How about free use?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free use of cartoons or respond to such requests, due to the time involved and the need to protect relationships with existing customers.










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Chris Slane is a freelance cartoonist. Work includes cartoons, graphic novels, illustration and storyboards. Privacy has been a special subject since 1998. All images copyright Chris Slane.